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Mastering Traffic Management: Glen Training School's TCP and LCT Training


About Us

Glen Training School is highly regarded for its TCP (Traffic Control Person) and LCT (Lane Closure Technician) training programs establishing itself as a leader, in certifications. The school takes pride in equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to ensure safe and efficient traffic management as part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing community safety and infrastructure management. By nurturing TCPs and LCTs Glen Training School strives to contribute to a more secure environment for everyone involved.
The significance of TCP and LCT certification at Glen Training School extends beyond the acquisition of credentials. Each training program is meticulously designed to provide insights into traffic management protocols, safe driving regulations and practical hands on experience in real world scenarios. This approach not imparts expertise but also instills a deep sense of responsibility, towards public welfare. Graduates are fully prepared to embrace the roles of TCPs and LCTs with confidence making split second decisions mitigating risks and ensuring traffic flow in challenging situations. Glen Training Schools ultimate aim is to foster a community where safety and security prevail while producing individuals who epitomize professionalism, knowledge and unwavering dedication.
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Core Values


Putting Safety First Our top priority is ensuring safety in every aspect of our training. We actively foster a safety mindset, within the Traffic Community.

Empowering Individuals Our goal is to equip individuals with knowledge and skills that enable them to tackle challenges and make contributions to road safety.

Embracing Innovation We are open to innovation. Constantly seek out approaches, technologies and methodologies that enhance the effectiveness of our training.

Engaging with the Community We actively participate in the Traffic Community supporting its growth, development and overall success.

Operating with Integrity Our interactions are characterized by unwavering integrity. Honesty, transparency and ethical conduct guide us at all times.

At Glen Training School we are committed, to using these principles as our guide. Our aim is to make an impact on the Traffic Community by promoting development, prosperity and improved road safety, for everyone involved.

Our Mission


Glen Training School is dedicated to empowering the Community through our high quality training solutions. Our goal is to equip individuals, with the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel in their roles and make an impact. We’re dedicated to cultivating a network of professionals, providing tailored training and resources to empower their career journeys.

Our Vision


Our goal is to become the institution that promotes excellence and innovation. We imagine a future where every individual in the Community receives training, demonstrates proficiency, and possesses up to date skills and methods. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and progress, our goal is to elevate standards and create a meaningful impact on society. We strive to provide comprehensive training aimed at supporting students in their journey towards success and growth in their career paths.

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