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Lane Closure Technician Training

Last Updated : 16-08-2023
160 Enrolled

Lane Closure Technician Training Overview

Thinking of furthering your career in the Traffic industry? Our 1-day Lane Closure Technician course will provide in-depth training in creating Traffic Management Plans and advance your understanding of the regulations and guidelines put in place by WorkSafe BC and the Ministry of Transportation. This course will help support any necessary gaps that are needed in keeping work zones safe for workers, drivers, and the public.



This course will cover:

  • Required safety equipment, including traffic control devices
  • Roles and responsibilities as a Lane Technician and as a supervisor for workers on site
  • Advanced Traffic Control skills
  • Rules and regulations set out by WorkSafeBC and the Motor Vehicle Act, as well as the Ministry of Transportation
  • Create Traffic Management Plans (TMPs)
  • Physical and mental preparedness

Career Opportunities:

Once you have your certification, you can contact Glen Traffic at 604 991 8000 or at to jump start your career in the flagging and Traffic industry