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Traffic Control Person Training Course

Last Updated : 01-09-2023
260 Enrolled

Traffic Control Person Training Course Overview

Thinking of changing career? Learn what it takes to become a Traffic Control Person through our comprehensive 2-day TCP training course!

Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) play a vital role in keeping the traffic flow safe for all workers, drivers and the public. They are trained to direct traffic according to the rules and regulations of the road especially when roadways are blocked off due to construction work and machinery placements. This two-day standardized TCP course will allow you to learn and cover all the necessary skills through its classroom and practical training under the program guidelines of WorkSafe BC Section 18 of the Occupation Health and Safety Regulation.

Job responsibilities:

  • Plan traffic in and out of construction zones
  • Install traffic cones and signals
  • Use hand signals to communicate with drivers
  • Use warning signs for in coming traffic
  • Direct pedestrians around the work zone to maintain safety precautions
  • Always be alert and should have good judgment


  • At least 16 years of age
  • Have strong communication and logical skills
  • Steel-toed shoes
  • Physical capabilities


  • To be a successful candidate, you must pass both written exam with a minimum score of 80% and 100% for your practical evaluations
  • This certification will be valid for three years

This course will cover:

  • Required safety equipment, including personal protective equipment
  • Roles and responsibilities of every worker on site
  • Traffic planning
  • Stop and slow signs
  • Rules and regulations set out by WorkSafeBC and the Motor Vehicle Act, as well as the Ministry of Transportation
  • Job site preparations
  • Physical and mental preparedness

Career Opportunities:

Once you have your certification, you can contact Glen Traffic at 604 991 8000 or at to jump start your career in the flagging and Traffic industry